lavantoThe crystallization of Lavanto Home Décor is not only investment of design but also solidarity of the skilled workers team and technicians with all passion. Lavanto Home Décor is aprofessional manufacturer of home decoration by composite materials and always offers our customers the products with the highest qualityProducts of Lavanto Home Décor are satisfied export standards in EuropeanJapan, Australia and USA market.

Business in new material field,
 we constantly research & development materialsalways searching to improve technical, manufacturing machine tools to improve productivity benefitsfor customers business and ourselves.

In Vietnam, Lavanto Home Décor is one of pioneer in application of composite to create products such as painting, vases, lamps, clocks, mirrors, trays, symbols… according to the idea of collection and build the styles and synchronized interior. We apply more materials as wood, metal, beton,.. for extending other home decor products.

With the gained achievements, all staffs of Lavanto are determined to maintain and 
further develop in order to achieve higher goals for years to come.